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Earthworks SR314
(Live Vocal Microphone) Unboxing

El Inglés Competente!

The Competent

Nothing exceptional but good
value for money

No obvious faults for the price

Girthy barrel means it may not fit regular clips

An alternative to ‘the usual’
and probably ‘better’

El Manifestante!

The Manifester

Handles anything I throw
at it

Reproduces cleanly and
accurately from lows to highs

A hint of lower-mid resonance

Light in weight for such a

Looks err the way it looks

Expensive but worth it - job done!

El Aristócrata
Bien Educado!

The Well Mannered

Open, detailed, full-range, with just a hint of ‘presence’

Exceptionally well made

Wide sweet spot, gentle proximity; gracious

Pop resistance could be better

Some might find it heavy

State of the Art IMHO

A Preponderance
of Presence
Real Resolution
in Vocal Mics

Growing somewhat weary of
microphone manufacturers boasting about this, that or the other ‘sound’ to their mics, I start to wonder whether it’s all useless, outdated baloney. Just give us the best and most accurate you can!

Rode Classic II

My first ‘proper’ studio mic!
It hasn’t seen much use of
late, so I set it up and did a long overdue review.