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Buying Used Microphones On eBay

My experiences and suggestions.

El Ejecutivo Cortés!

The Courteous Executive

Beyerdynamic’s premium
vocal condenser.

Very nicely made.

Somehow looks, feels and sounds a bit ‘corporate’.

Natural sounding and extended, try for yourself.

On The Rodes

Classic II vs NT1 vs NT1a

El Advenedizo Beligerante!

The Belligerent Upstart

Beyerdynamic’s mid-range

Well made

Edgy top and lots of bottom require control

Probably suit rock or voices looking for a bit of boldness

See Sennheiser e945

El Erizo Audaz!

The Audacious Urchin

Nicely made for the price but… sounds horrible to my ears

Difficult to see a reason for its existence when I’m sure it could be sonically better for little extra cost - make the body cheaper if you must!

Dude! Can you recommend me a microphone?