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21st Century Singing Practice Rig with
IsoVox 2

Making use of current technology to make singing practice firstly, possible (if you live in a flat) and secondly more enjoyable.

Featuring the Isovox 2, TC Helicon Voice Live Touch 2,

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Earthworks SR40V - After The Honeymoon!

How do I feel now the honeymoon is over?

The Beyer Brothers!

M88 TG vs M88 (C) vs M88 (N) vs...

Released in 1962 - and thus predating the Shure SM58 by some four years.

Not surprisingly there have been some changes along the way but have they all been for the better, or does the phrase 'don't fix what ain't broken' spring to mind?

Shure SM58 (USA) vs Shure SM58 (Current) vs Shure SM58 Beta.

Guest appearance - Shure KSM8.

A comparison of my three Shure SM58 versions - old and new.

Me Collection of Clips!

 Microphone clips considered..

A simple but vital item and we all use them but there are some differences.

Neutrik FXS

On/Off Switched
XLR for Mics.

Something I find very useful
for workaday gigs.