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El Operador Liso!

The Smooth Operator

Smooth and even

Almost an ‘automatic’ feel with mic technique

Gentle flattery

Beautifully made

Absolute low-end authority missing

Expensive but…

El Enigma!

The Enigma

Clear and detailed

Low end truncated

A touch ‘dry’ on some voices

Lacks authority on male voice

Very well made

Wireless options

Difficult to recommend outright - try before you buy, especially at the price!

La Tendadora Elegante!

The Elegant Temptress

Full frequency

Gentle top end

Controllable low-end

Smooth yet detailed old-school condenser sound

Beautiful build

Switchable Options

El Impresionista

The Seductive Impressionist

Modern ‘old school’

Magical on the right voice

A bit of a learning curve

Low-ish output & high-ish handling noise

Maybe a tad bright for some

Well done Beyer for providing the only current vocal ribbon

A Riot of Ribbons!


A comparison of Beyerdynamic V90r, vs V90r, vs M500, vs M500, vs M500, vs M500!

Beyerdynamic Stage Ribbon Microphones,old and new.

TC.HELICON PERFORM.V Vocal Processor Review.

In-depth review and my feelings after using two units extensively for over two years, live and at The BRIT School.