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El Adolescente

The Boisterous Adolescent

Good build for the price

Quite forceful in the highs and lows

Probably suit rock & blues, depending on your voice

A tad coarse for my taste

See Beyerdynamic V70d

La Bestia!

The Beast

Captures pretty much everything

Good for rich and complex voices

Goes low and high

No flattery

Beneficent authority

The best mic I own/use but…expensive!

La Mascara!

The Mascara

Clear and detailed

Brightly lit but smooth

Adds a touch of make-up

Lacks low-end thunder

Nicely made

A pleasing mic on many voices

The Neumann

KMS 105


KMS 104


KMS 104 Plus

What’s the difference?

La Sofisticada Señora Mayor!

The Sophisticated Senior Lady

Extended frequency

Silky top end

Generous low-end

Smooth yet detailed old-school sound

Elegant appearance

A Vintage Beyer Bonanza

M300 vs M400 vs M500 vs

M600 vs M700 vs M88