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A practical and interactive masterclass/workshop describing and demonstrating vocal stage microphones and their use, from entry level to high-end. There will be an opportunity for some participants to try the microphones on their voice and sing a song with their preferred microphone

My Microphone Awakening - From Shure SM58 to Beyerdynamic M88

My Microphone Path - Beyer & on

The Magic (How They Work): Ribbon, Dynamic, Condenser, Omni, Figure of 8, Cardioid/Hypercardioid On/Off Switches, Radio Mics

The Origin of the Species. M88 (1962) SM58 (1966) M500 (1969) AKG C535 EB (1973)

Microphone Mischief: proximity, feedback - polar pattern, pops, esses, handling noise, rapper’s grip.

Tonal shaping - A Preponderance of Presence

Different Voices, Different Mics? (voice analysis)

Singing Styles: Opera, Musical Theatre, Crooning, Country/Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Rock. James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti

The Great Enabler: Using the mic to allow tones and inflections that would otherwise be lost

Sing First Microphone Second: Don’t let the microphone detract from your singing

The PA & Engineer, EQ, Compression, Proximity, Your Music

Participant’s voices on the microphones

Participant’s singing on the microphones

A Microphone Masterclass

The Magic Of The Microphone.com

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