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Various quotes and articles that may help you get a picture about life as a musician.

‘The music business is music AND business’ - James Brown. I would add that if you don’t have a business aptitude… hook up with someone who has!

A very helpful article from the Roland company -

Who Does What in the Music Industry

‘Keep treading the boards (keep doing it) and then you need a little bit of luck’ - Don Hunt. Don is a hugely experienced musician who worked for decades with the stars of the last century (Bruce Forsyth, Sammy Davis etc.)

An interview where Gary Williams chats with Don Hunt about the life of a singer (cruise ships mostly). Very informative…

‘Music almost certainly won't make you rich or famous, and may not even earn you a comfortable living, but if you love doing it, then that will be more than enough compensation. So if you're thinking of becoming a musician, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.’ - Chris Lee, who is a friend and colleague and a classical and jazz pianist, teacher and academic. Not what many of us would want to hear but I suspect it’s close to the actual truth for many thousands of hopefuls.